BMP 180 Pressure Sensor Module Arduino

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Measuring the absolute pressure of the environment using a digital barometer such as this has some interesting applications. By converting the pressure measured into altitude, you have a reliable sensor for determining the height of your robot, plane or projectile!Using a sensor as capable as the BMP180 you can achieve an accuracy of 1m, with a noise of only 17cm in ultra-high resolution noise. The device will operate at 0.3uA meaning low current draw for battery-powered applications.The BMP180 comes fully calibrated and ready to use. As the device operates over I2C we've added optional I2C pull-ups that can be enabled using the PU (pull up) jumper on the board for your convenience and ease during breadboarding.Using I2C, the device provides pressure and temperature as 16bit values, which are used along with calibration data within the device are used to provide a temperature compensated altitude calculation. Easy to interface with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

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